With a combined 26 years of experience on our team, we are sure we can help you find a solution that works for you, regardless of the problem. We at The Codsi Mortgage Team find joy in helping you achieve your goals, whether this is buying your first home, renovating your current home, or consolidating your debt and making a feasible financial plan that works for you and your family. As Top 15 in the Premier Mortgage family for mortgage volume in both 2015 & 2016, along with our Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) staff, we know we can help you, regardless of your situation.

Stephen Codsi

Mortgage Agent, Accredited Mortgage Professional

Stephen Codsi has experience with all aspect of the home purchasing process in the Greater Toronto Area. After working as a realtor, as a mortgage agent through a bank, and then as an independent mortgage agent, Stephen knows the ins and outs of the industry. He enjoys working with people through all parts of the home buying process, and continually follows up with his clients to make sure that all of their needs are addressed.

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Stefanie Codsi

Mortgage Broker

Growing up around her father’s mortgage business, Stefanie Codsi got a knack for the business at a young age. After working part time with her father during her time at Ryerson University and full time in the summer, Stefanie developed a love for the industry. After attaining her Mortgage Broker License in 2015, Stefanie has worked to help people with their every home financing need, from buying their first home to renovating their home into their dream home.

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Linda Rustico

Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Underwriter

With Linda’s extensive experience as a legal assistant in real estate law, as well as an insurance agent and a financial planner, Linda has the expertise in the business that you want when purchasing a home. She works closely with all parties involved to find a personalized solution to work for the client. Linda enjoys educating clients and helping them understand the home buying process so that they can make the best possible decision.

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Marisa Codsi

Mortgage Agent

After growing up surrounded by her father’s work with real estate and mortgages, Marisa attended Ryerson University to complete her Bachelor of Commerce and had an opportunity to study in Hong Kong. She worked as a Senior Default Recovery Officer and decided to use these skills to help teach people about mortgages, so they avoided being in collections. Marisa works closely with clients to form personalized, informed decisions about buying a home.

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